We are convinced we can be better every day

and we are passionate about getting better at it !

Each person within a program is a "pilot" : a person who wants to be a better version of himself in all aspects.
To do so, we believe that considering the whole person is a key for everyone to move forward.

As a consequence, the program consists in each pilot receiving several practices combined for himself,
observing various aspects of the pilot in order to serve his well-being and to accompany him on his path
(see the practices in "Offers")

The program choice is done thanks to playful drawing cards game
providing "a picture" of you when you enter the program,
to know the tonality starting point and help combining practices during the program.

Because we like understanding what we do,
we are part of a research process
in order to follow each pilot evolution.

Each pilot is invited to fill up the Talktry platform
providing a tool to measure your own evolution during this program.
Talktry consists in some questionnaires to fill up before starting the program, then during and at the end
to observe objectively its impact on your well-being.

To connect Talktry, please click on this link :