We are convinced we can be better every day

and we are passionate about getting better at it !


All our members programs use Talktry among other tools to monitor their evolution,
which also helps us refine our practice and better combine wellness resources.

The platform registration is completely anonymous, each user entering a false email of his choice to be its identifier.
Thus, only you know who you are and you can observe your own evolution according to different schools of thought.
Talktry was born out of results desire by simple and fresh observations of several practices and approaches, and which ones are working
and which ones are not, trying to understand in each case their ins and outs.
Open, curious and pragmatic, we are conscious every person is unique and leader in his or her own evolution.

To determine practices usefulness, our approach is based on repetitive findings and occurrences with a 50 years follow-up
at least, or also on epidemiological or longitudinal studies.
Because we seek balance and wellbeing and that requires multiple parameters associated with each others,
we observed some ancestral practices used for a long time and on which we thus have today.
as well as combinations of practices, while respecting that everyone is unique.
In exploring these long-proven practices, we have kept the ones giving results and applicable ones.

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