We are convinced we can be better every day

and we are passionate about getting better at it !



You are unique and we accompany you to achieve your goals and priorities.

You are unique so will your accompaniment.

Programs are built regarding sessions frequency and schedules you would like :

Peak time : Noon-2pm / 6pm-9pm

Medium time : 4pm - 6pm

Offpeak time : 10am-noon / 2pm - 4pm

Each rate is given for a month :

Intense program

1 session / week + all workshops access

440E peak time

400E medium time

300E offpeak time


Medium program

2 sessions/week + 3 workshops / month


220E peak time

200E medium time

150E offpeak time


Maintenance program

1 session / week + 1 workshop / month


110E peak time

100E medium time

75E offpeak time



Unit price for unique session :

180E peak time

150E medium time

100E offpeak time




Devices :

OZONE 30 mns session 60E

BOL D’AIR JACQUIER package 30minutes 60E (4 sessions : 3/6/9/12ms)

Pakage 12 sessions 150E